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BiocartisBiocartis aims to provide direct access to personalized medicine for patients worldwide by developing fully integrated and broadly applicable molecular diagnostics and immunodiagnostics solutions. Our platforms can be used in a wide variety of healthcare settings to enable rapid and high-quality care close to patients. The Molecular Diagnostics Platform Idylla™ is tailored to the molecular diagnostics market and designed to measure multiple DNA or RNA-based biomarkers in a wide variety of patient sample types. The Multiplex Biomarker Analysis Platform Evalution™ is tailored to the clinical research and pharmaceutical markets and designed to analyze a broad range of protein and nucleic acid-based biomarkers, delivering superior data quality and rapid results.

Evalution™ allows users to perform bioassays far more quickly and cost-effectively. It drastically reduces hands-on-time and development complexity, thereby speeding up biomarker verification and validation. The advanced semi-conductor technologies and microfluidics provide fast and reliable detection and quantification. A 40-micron binary-coded silicon microparticle is the new foundation for biomarker analysis. Thousands of different digital codes can be generated. Non-fading and discrete, these digitally coded microparticles are your key to biomarker analysis. These microparticles can typically be coated with any protein or nucleic acid to serve as a capture probe. The microfluidic architecture and fast reaction kinetics yield better specificity and high reproducibility, and delivers sensitivity for both protein and nucleic-acid testing. Real-time and end-point measurements are possible, providing fast quantification and an extended dynamic range through kinetic measurement. Optimized binding chemistry provides fast and flexible detection and quantification of both nucleic-acid and protein-based biomarkers. Potential user applications include drug/biomarker discovery, protein/genetic expression profiling and characterization of receptor-ligand interactions.

BiocartisEvalution™ instrument and cartridge (left) and microparticles in a microfluidic channel (right).

Due to its simple protocols and flexibility in biomarker panel building the Evalution™ platform is very well suited for the multiplex miRNA expression profiling in the EU-FP7 BiomarCaRe project. To this end Biocartis develops a completely new application to be transferred to the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf that will be used on a case cohort of 20k patient samples to evaluate the strength of these combined biomarkers for Cardiovascular Risk Assessment.